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ORBIS implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 at FrischeParadies

Products Microsoft: Power Platform, Power BI, Dynamics 365 Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
ORBIS Solutions: ORBIS SAP IntegrationONE
Sectors: Consumer goods / retail
Processes: Service & Support, Sales, Marketing
References: FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG

Based on the paradigm of the Single Source of Truth, FrischeParadies consolidates information about its B2B customers centrally in the cloud CRM platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and provides customers with even better and more targeted advice and support. Together with Microsoft Power BI for data analysis, cloud CRM, which allows bi-directional exchange of data with SAP ERP and is linked to the B2B online store, is also to be the cornerstone for the business‘s digitalization.

FrischeParadies is the largest German retailer of gourmet foods and delicatessen for high-end gastronomy and private households. The company, part of the Transgourmet Group, offers a choice of more than 12,000 delicatessen products from over 70 countries and supplies customers with the freshest goods from nine locations, each of which has its own warehouse.

FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG

Head office: Frankfurt am Main
Sector: Retailer for delicatessen
Products: More than 12,000 delicatessen products from over 70 countries
Locations: Nine locations in Germany, each with ist own warehouse
Employees: > 100

Success strategy Consulting excellence

One of our secrets of success is the competent and comprehensive advice and support of our customers in the gastronomy, hotel, catering and retail industries by skilled telephone consultants, all of whom are accomplished chefs. In order to improve the consulting and service quality as well as increase efficiency, FrischeParadies implemented the cloud CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. ORBIS AG was commissioned with the implementation and impressed with its expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as the food industry. In addition, the close cooperation of all stakeholders as well as the commitment of ORBIS consultants were key factors in the successful implementation within four months. On time and within budget.

Source Photo: © FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG

Lettering FrischeParadies

360-degree view of B2B customers

Because customer data is managed centrally, uniformly, transparently and professionally with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it creates a Single Source of Truth with a 360-degree view of customer-related data and processes.

This gives consultants the ability to provide even more target-oriented support to B2B customers. At the same time they benefit from numerous improvements and simplified processes.

They can access B2B customer information at any time; and if data is entered into the CRM, it is immediately available to other users.

Every consultant obtains a telephone call list via the CRM, which displays clearly the time at which the customers want to be called. The list is updated every week automatically. It also shows which customers call the employee and when. A list can also be shared with other consultants. This makes it easy for an employee, representing another customer, to quickly and easily find the relevant information and to be well prepared for each meeting. That has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

 „Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers us a 360-degree view of the customer‘s business so that we can provide even better and more targeted advice and support for our B2B customers. At the same time, we lay the foundations for the digitalization of our business processes.“ Michael Egersdörfer, Central Sales Department, FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Egersdörfer, Central Sales Department, FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Egersdörfer, FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG
Meat counter FrischeParadies

Central communication platform

In the future, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will become the central communication platform for transactions with B2B customers, an important prerequisite for the digitalization of the sales processes.

Currently, FrischeParadies implements the analysis platform Microsoft Power BI, which can be seamlessly integrated into the CRM and provides real-time access to CRM data, trends and patterns. This provides important insights to manage the business even more efficiently.

In future, information from the B2B online store is also to be used for the CRM solution, so it can also be analysed with Power BI. In addition, it is intended to offer data analyses to B2C customers.

Source Photo: © FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG, Meat counter

Fish counter FrischeParadies

Source Photo: © FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG, Fish counter

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