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Optima: SAP Rollout in China

Products SAP: SAP S/4HANA & ERP
Sectors: Machinery and plant manufacturing
Processes: Rollout
References: OPTIMA packaging group GmbH
Information and facts

Name: OPTIMA packaging group GmbH
Employees: over 1,800 worldwide
Products: Filling and packaging machines
Headquarters: Schwäbisch-Hall 
Locations: 13 overseas offices

In 2008, the OPTIMA group started its overseas activities. In spring, an overseas branch was officially inaugurated in Jiading (Shanghai Province). Special packaging machines for non-woven materials are now being manufactured here for the Chinese market.

In order to ensure a smooth exchange of data and information between the companies, the integration of the Shanghai company was essential.

In future, the rollout of the SAP ERP Template will ensure efficient and transparent business processes, ranging from sales, financial accounting to controlling. At the same time, the process costs along the value chain are being reduced, as order, purchasing and material information is exchanged with headquarters via the SAP ERP and fully supported by the IT department.

Financial statements can now also be generated much easier in China. Management at headquarter in Schwäbisch Hall now receives insight into the economic development in China. In addition, the ORBIS FI Reporting Package and the generation of financial reports are simplified as they are available in a preconfigured “Out-of-the-box” solution based on SAP.

To simplify the direct data transfer between SAP and the fiscal software, the ORBIS Golden Tax Interface (GTI) was installed as a bi-directional interface. Golden Tax invoices now can be generated much easier. The required data from the SAP system are converted by GTI into a readable data format and transferred to the Golden Tax System.

Thanks to the competent support of the ORBIS Consulting Shanghai consultants, the project was implemented on time: the project was completed within 6 months.

„The SAP implementation in China allows us to establish our processes in the company and work more efficiently.“

Benjamin Finkbeiner, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH), OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

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