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Location: Online / Date:  09.12.2021
Together we create a value driver tree in the Financials area. Are you curious? Simply register and participate!
Location: Online / Date:  09.12.2021
Use the event module of Dynamics Marketing for the planning, execution and follow-up of your events. The comprehensive functionalities as well as the seamless integration into the Dynamics data model help you to permanently increase the process efficiency and impact in the marketing and event area.
Location: Online / Date:  13.12.2021
We will present the standard processes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and the Power Platform. In addition, you will learn more about the integration options for your communication and document management.
Date:  13.12.2021
You want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and need integration with your SAP backend? In this webinar we present our flexible integration platform ORBIS SAP IntegrationONE.
Location: Online / Date:  13.12.2021
In this webinar, we will show you proven best practice processes when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the manufacturing industry.
Location: Online / Date:  14.12.2021
Are you using SAP ERP HCM in whole or in part, have you opted for SAP SuccessFactors HXM, or is digitizing your HR a hot topic? Here you will find answers and the further roadmap for your planning.
Location: Online / Date:  15.12.2021 ,  19.01.2022 ,  16.03.2022
In this webinar, you will learn more about ORBIS ConstructionHUB: Our solution for qualified construction projects. We will show you a glimpse of our pre-built platform for the construction industry and a demo on the integration possibilities.
Location: Online / Date:  16.12.2021
This webinar provides an introduction to the capabilities and report creation with Story Reporting via SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics. Tips and tricks for implementation are included.
Date:  17.12.2021
Optimize your transport processing and create more transparency through an early integration of your processes in transport logistics. Learn more about the aspects and synergies of order integration with SAP TM in S/4HANA.
Location: Online / Date:  05.01.2022 ,  02.03.2022
Learn more about ORBIS ConstructionSITE: Our digital construction site app in this webinar! Simplify your processes with the app features and accelerate your daily work and team collaboration.
Date:  06.01.2022 ,  03.03.2022
Learn more about our ORBIS ConstructionRFQ (Request for Quote) solution for your inquiry management in this webinar. Relieve your employees in the manual quotation and request process through pre-trained algorithms of our intelligent platform.
Location: online / Date:  14.12.2021 ,  11.01.2022 ,  15.02.2022 ,  15.03.2022
Smart Costing in SAP - Learn in this webinar which possibilities the ORBIS Product Cost Calculator offers you for smart costing in SAP!
Location: Online / Date:  08.12.2021 ,  12.01.2022 ,  26.01.2022 ,  09.02.2022 ,  23.02.2022 ,  09.03.2022 ,  23.03.2022
How can you identify and exploit potential earlier than the competition? Get an overview of our industry solution ORBIS ConstructionONE and the ORBIS Construction Hub in the webinar.
Location: Online / Date:  13.01.2022 ,  10.02.2022 ,  10.03.2022
You want to ensure a high quality of your data stock? Among other things, we show you how to find and correct incorrect addresses and how to identify and avoid duplicates.
Date:  14.01.2022
Increase the utilization rate of your capacities and reduce freight costs through efficient cargo space planning with SAP TM.
Location: Online / Date:  14.12.2021 ,  20.01.2022 ,  17.02.2022 ,  17.03.2022
In this webinar we present our innovative platform for sales control and process management for the automotive supply industry.
Date:  11.02.2022
Benefit from optimized integration of your transport and warehouse processing in your end-to-end processes. Learn more about the perspectives of integrated transport and intralogistics in S/4HANA.
Webcasts on Demand
In this webcast, you can learn about the most important functionalities of ORBIS Product Cost Calculator and how use them for your quotation process!
Masterdata Management by ORBIS enables optimization of control processes. In our webcast, we show you how this works.
We will give you an insight into the procedure and tools to be able to carry out an SAP S/4HANA Custom Code Migration.
Learn in the webcast how you can counteract the demographic change and centralise your service knowledge in the company with the ORBIS Smart Knowledge Cloud and Empolis Service Express.
The change record is the SAP standard solution for mapping change management on a Fiori basis.
Find out everything you need to know about change management! We will introduce you to the SAP change folder and show you how to optimize your change process.
Learn how to optimize your service level and reduce material inventories by integrating the DDMRP concept into your SAP landscape.
Find out about the different migration paths, especially ORBIS SmartMove.
Learn how Microsoft's omnichannel solution can help you turn your customer service into a true customer allrounder.
To help you master an SAP S/4HANA Finance migration easily and successfully, we show you in our webcast which migration phases to consider and what challenges you can expect.
Learn about the importance and necessity of the central master data object Business Partner in a S/4HANA migration.
We will illustrate how you can automate your resource scheduling using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO).
Learn in our webcast how you can use ORBIS DataProtectionONE to map your CRM processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without additional programming effort and how you can handle your processes in a DSVGO-compliant manner.
Find out in a dialog how a user-focused application was created together with Hörmann that makes work on a construction site more efficient.
The webcast provides insights into marketing automation and the integration of marketing and sales in one database.
Find and nurture your leads - with measures that go far beyond basic email marketing. Use a central source of information for sales and marketing with networked, automated processes.
In this webcast, we will show you how ORBIS AutomotiveONE can help you model your business processes for the future, master complex value creation systems and standardize communication.
Get to know our OSCO Mill Solution.
We show you how you can increase both customer satisfaction and service productivity with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 service portfolio.
Is renting the new buying? Together with our partner Intershop Communications AG, we will show you how rental models can optimize your business processes.
This webcast shows you a real-world example of real-time process integration with our ORBIS SAP IntegrationONE solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365) with SAP.
What is SAP IBP and what features does this planning solution offer? In this webcast, we provide a detailed overview of the modules and the planning process in SAP IBP.
In our short webcast you will get a first insight into the basics of planning with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
What is behind SAP IBP, how is it implemented, and what is the ongoing operation like? What is the role of the IT department and the business unit?
In our webcast, we will give you a general overview of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for the manufacturing industry. We will introduce you to all the important features and benefits that you need to know first and foremost.
In our webcast, together with ITyX Solutions AG, we show you concrete examples of how AI is being used profitably in various industries.
We show you how Userlane guides your employees step by step through new applications (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365) with the help of a virtual software assistant.
Are you also facing the challenge of which of the warehouse management alternatives under S/4HANA is the most relevant for you? SAP WM or Stock Room Management or SAP EWM? Then take advantage of our webcast on the topic of "Warehouse Management Alternatives under S/4HANA" to learn everything you need to know about the topic in a short and understandable way.
In our webcast, you will learn how you can use a 2-tier ERP strategy between an SAP on-premise system and SAP S/4HANA Cloud for your company and which deployment scenarios arise here.
Date: individual
As part of our "Power Platform by ORBIS" series, we offer virtual coaching sessions in which you can gain initial experience and results with the Power Platform after receiving guidance.
Date: individual
In our online workshops for Microsoft Power BI, we address your individual goals, wishes and requirements! Together with you, we develop the right BI concept and follow the self-service idea.
1:1 WebSessions
WebSession SAP S/4HANA Transition
Date: individual
Do you have individual questions about the SAP S/4HANA transition? We would be happy to clarify these in a personal meeting with you, in which we will present selected transition options to you in detail.
Date: individual
You want to optimize your business processes end-to-end, but don't know how? Our ORBIS Business Application Suite (ORBIS BAS) can help. We would be happy to introduce you to our ORBIS Business Application Suite (ORBIS BAS) including its use cases in a personal meeting and to clarify any open questions.
WebSession SAP Application Management & Support
Date: individual
We will be happy to advise you on our support services. In a personal appointment, we will clarify all questions with you in order to create a permanent and customized support concept for you.
Receive advice on our ORBIS ConsumerONE solution in a personal meeting.
Date: individual
There are countless ways to make your business in the consumer goods industry easier with solutions from Microsoft. Arrange a free consultation with us to develop suitable solutions together.
1:1 WebSession on ORBIS Product Cost Calculator
Date: individual
Do you already have concrete questions or specific challenges regarding the costing processes in your company? In a joint conversation, we will discuss your individual concerns and provide you with suitable solutions.
ORBIS Smart Factory: 100% SAP-integrated, end-to-end and bi-directional "real-time" networking of your production processes and involved stakeholders.
Date: individual
How can you best implement your individual, fully SAP-integrated Smart Factory? In a joint discussion, our experts will answer your questions on the topic and present the solutions that suit you and your requirements.
1:1 webSession on SAP Customer Experience with our ORBIS experts
Date: individual
Put your customer at the center of your processes and bring together the different areas of sales, marketing and service. Talk to us personally about your customer relationship management!
1:1 WebSession on the topic of SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Date: individual
Go into a 1:1 conversation with our experts and clarify all your questions about SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Websession consulting on Microsoft Power BI
Date: individual
Keep your company up to date and competitive by being able to react to market changes early on with the help of Power BI!
Web session consulting on Microsoft Power BI
Date: individual
Get into a 1:1 conversation with our experts and clarify all your questions about SAP IBP.
Get a personal consultation about our solutions ORBIS ConstructionONE & ConstructionHUB
Date: individual
In a personal 1:1 WebSession, we give you, as a company in the construction and construction supply industry, the digital process with ORBIS ConstructionONE & ConstructionHUB to implement your business faster, more efficiently and more sustainably.
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