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Triflex introduces Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ORBIS ConstructionONE

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With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and an ORBIS CRM industry solution, Triflex has laid the foundation for harmonizing the IT landscape and for standard data flows and processes in sales and marketing. Uniform and consistent data management in the cloud now creates the necessary transparency to manage sales even more efficiently and to leverage additional sales potential. End users also benefit because they can access the information they need for their work at any time and anywhere on any device.

How Triflex harmonizes the IT landscape and digitalizes sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ORBIS

We are meeting the challenges associated with our steady growth course and the everchanging demands from the market with a comprehensive digitalization strategy. The aim is to network, automate and streamline processes – from the first customer contact, through the quotation and order placement, to production just in time and in line with customer requirements,“ says David Bachmaier, head of the digitalization competence team at Triflex GmbH & Co KG in Minden.


Head office: Minden
Products: Liquid waterproofing based on PMMA and cold plastics, marking systems, repair kits for all kind of coverings
Locations: eleven subsidiaries worldwide and a network of sales offices
Employees: over 250
Turnover: more than 100 million euros

The road to the digital enterprise

The company is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of high quality and sustainable sealing systems based on PMMA liquid plastic for almost all applications: balconies, flat and industrial roofs, parking decks, stadiums, as well as architectural monuments. Triflex also provides marking systems for roads, cycle paths and halls. In 2018, the company – which is part of the Follmann Chemie Group – achieved a turnover of more than €100 million with over 250 employees.

Triflex has already laid an important foundation for the digital transformation of the company with a production facility at the Minden site designed according to the Industry 4.0. concept. Equally important, however, is the end-to-end networking of processes and information flows based on a modern, harmonized IT landscape.

The sales department is now a big step closer to their goals due to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and the CRM industry solution ORBIS ConstructionONE. One of the decisive factors in choosing the CRM solution was its ability to integrate with Microsoft products that Triflex already uses, such as the Office 365 environment and the Azure Cloud.

CRM implementation in only four months

Triflex commissioned ORBIS AG to implement the new solution, which replaced outdated CRM software and Microsoft Excel. The Saarbrücken-based IT service provider has extensive know-how in the CRM processes of construction suppliers and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This and the trusting cooperation of all parties involved, contributed significantly to the fact that the implementation took place in just under four months – in compliance with the schedule and budget. It was a great advantage that 35 key users accompanied the project from the very beginning and later ensured a high level of acceptance of the new CRM platform among the business users.

Direct sales needs a ‚single source of truth‘

Soon after commencement, significant improvements became noticeable: Microsoft Dynamics 365 manages sales-related data congruently, consistently and with high quality. The result is a uniform data hub, a ‘single source of truth’ that creates a clear view of customer-related data.

This transparency is an important prerequisite for being very close to the pulse of our customers,“, David Bachmaier explains. This is a critical factor for success, because Triflex sells products, solutions and systems exclusively directly to its approximately 4,500 customers – from specialist crafts-businesses such as roofers, plumbers and tinsmiths, to waterproofing and coating specialists, as well as general contractors.

Production PVC at Triflex

PVC production / Source Photo: © TRIFLEX GmbH & Co. KG

The sales department works much more efficiently

For example, if a sales employee enters data into the CRM, other users can also access it immediately with the click of a mouse. This not only improves communication, but also the CRM processes, because the time-consuming search for information in different data silos is no longer necessary, nor is coordination by e-mail or telephone.

All the data that users need for their work can be accessed via the cloud solution at any time and anywhere in a clearly visualized form. In the near future, the field sales force will also have access to the CRM solution via a mobile smart phone app. Every contact that an employee creates in the CRM is automatically transferred to his Outlook address book. All this means that the sales team can now perform its daily tasks much more easily, quickly and therefore much more efficiently.

Production of hotmelt adhesives Triflex

Production of hotmelt adhesives / Source Photo: © TRIFLEX GmbH & Co. KG

Smoother offer process from A to Z

This applies particularly to the quotation process, which is now handled from A to Z with IT support throughout. For this purpose, the cloud CRM solution was linked to the existing CPQ solution, whereby the CRM system exchanges data bidirectionally with the central SAP ERP system by means of ORBIS SAP IntegrationONE.

In this way, the CRM can provide the quote configurator, (which is embedded in the interface as a button) with all the data required to create a quote – including pricing information from the SAP ERP. Conversely, once the configuration and calculation have been completed, the CPQ software transfers the individual quotation items to the SAP software, where they are processed and converted into an order.

The ability to access information has also improved thanks to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). When a customer calls Triflex sales or technical support, the relevant employee can immediately view the corresponding building projects for that customer. This helps the employee to answer questions and provide advice.

Efficient control of campaigns and offers

Marketing also benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in many ways. In practical seminars and onsite training, Triflex provides its partners in the trade with the necessary know-how for the correct professional application of its quality products. Since the CRM solution stores the training a partner has attended, the marketing department knows the partner’s training status and can initiate further measures tailored to his needs.

Triflex uses the marketing automation solution ClickDimensions (which is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365) for marketing purposes, including campaigns for events and trade fair presentations. To enable existing customers and interested parties to register for a future event by themselves, the add-on is linked to a cloud solution for event management (Cvent Event Cloud). The registration data then flows directly into the CRM, where it is compared with the registrations. This increases the efficiency of follow-up actions, seeing as only people who have not yet registered, can be contacted.

The path to IT architecture without data silos


David Bachmaier’s conclusion is positive: „The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the ORBIS CRM industry solution ConstructionONE is an important step on the way to an IT architecture without data silos and toward digital processes.“

David Bachmaier, Digital Marketing Manager, Triflex GmbH & Co. KG

David Bachmaier, Triflex GmbH & Co. KG

The CRM platform, which is rolled out in Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland, will be used by around 200 users in the final stage of implementation. It will also be continuously optimized and expanded with new functions, such as the digital recording of contact data at trade fairs or a mobile app for the sales force.

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