Rüsten für den digitalen Wandel: Otto Dunkel modernisiert IT mit SAP ERP und ORBIS-Lösungen

Produkte SAP: SAP WM/EWM/Stockroom Management
ORBIS Lösungen: ORBIS Product Cost Calculator, ORBIS Logistics
Branchen: Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie
Prozesse: Intralogistik, Lagersteuerung, Finanzwesen & Controlling
Referenzen: ODU-Gruppe

Die ODU-Gruppe legt mit SAP ERP und SAP-basierten Lösungen von ORBIS den Grundstein, um ihre Geschäftsprozesse in Einklang mit der Wachstumsstrategie zu bringen. Besonders in der Intralogistik profitiert das Unternehmen von den Vorteilen einer integrierten SAP-Landschaft.

Smarte, leistungsstarke und vor allem zuverlässige Steckverbindungen sind in der digitalisierten Geschäfts- und Industriewelt heute unverzichtbare Bestandteile, um Geräte, Systeme und Anlagen sicher zu vernetzen und Energie, Signale und Daten zuverlässig zu übertragen. Das eröffnet der ODU-Gruppe aus Mühldorf am Inn in Oberbayern, einem führenden Anbieter von Steckverbindungssystemen, vielfältige Absatz- und Wachstumschancen.

Das Unternehmen agiert weltweit an fünf Produktions- und Logistikstandorten und vertreibt seine Produkte über eigene Gesellschaften und ein Netz von Partnern.


Head office: Mühldorf am Inn
Products: Connectors
Locations: five global production and logistics sites and eleven distribution sites
Employees: 2,300 worldwide
Website: www.odu-connectors.com

Strategy for long-term growth

The ODU Group continues to build on the leading market position that it has secured itself over the years through the development and sale of its innovative products.

“We have great customers that manufacture very specific products in their markets and engage in extensive development work, for which we have built up corresponding capacities and technologies worldwide,” says ODU CEO Dr. Josef Leitner.

Now ODU’s management is fine-tuning its set-up to secure its future economic growth as best possible.

Source Photo: © ODU-Gruppe, Modular connectors – ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

Modularer Steckverbinder ODU-Gruppe

A modern SAP landscape - the key to success

“One of the keys to future business success will be harmonizing business processes across locations on the basis of a modern and integrated IT landscape and making these more transparent – from sales and purchasing, production and intralogistics right through to finance,” says Andreas Glamann, SAP Project Manager and Global Head of IT Processes at the ODU Group.

The company has now laid the foundations for this with the launch of SAP ERP as a central business software and SAP-based solutions from ORBIS, the ORBIS Multi Process Suite (MPS) and the ORBIS Product Cost Calculator (ORBIS PCC).

A SAP launch with a competent partner

The ODU Group has entrusted international software and business consulting company from Saarbrücken, with its diverse SAP and process know-how, with the implementation.

“The process- and solution-oriented approach of the experts at ORBIS, as well as trusting collaboration and swift decision-making channels, have enabled us to successfully get to grips with the challenging process of launching SAP,” explains Andreas Glamann.

The advantages of the integrated SAP landscape with consolidated data, which replaced the ERP solution used previously, became apparent not long after the rollout in mid-2019. ODU is now benefiting from significantly more straightforward and streamlined processes in the field of intralogistics in particular.

IT-supported and optimized intralogistics processes

SAP’s warehouse management system (SAP WM) sees to this in conjunction with the ORBIS MPS mobile solution, which is installed on the touchscreen terminals mounted on forklifts, electric pallet stackers and mobile devices, and auto-ID technologies (datamatrix code, barcode). This allows ODU to register every movement in the warehouse, from goods entry to goods exit, using a prompted, mobile solution, and to paperlessly transmit this to the SAP warehouse management system.

Source Photo: © ODU-Gruppe, The robust ODU TURNTAC® contact system

Robustes Kontaktsystem ODU-Gruppe

Rollout to other production sites

This is just the beginning. The new IT solutions – which are currently being used by end users at the main headquarters in Mühldorf – will shortly be launched in the form of a template-assisted rollout to production sites in China and Romania.

Andreas Glamann sums up a positive experience: „With SAP ERP and SAP-based ORBIS solutions we have taken an important step towards optimizing and futureproofing our business processes as part of our long-term growth strategy.“

Andreas Glamann, SAP Project Manager and Global Head of IT Processes at the ODU-Gruppe

Andreas Glamann, ODU-Gruppe

Dr. Josef Leitner, CEO of the ODU Group

Dr. Josef Leitner, ODU-Gruppe
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