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Inquiry Management with AI – ORBIS ConstructionRFQ

Products Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
ORBIS Solutions: ORBIS ConstructionRFQ
Sectors: Construction supplier industry
Processes: Sales, Marketing, Data Management

Duration of webinar: approx. 30 minutes

The ORBIS ConstructionRFQ (Request for Quote) platform supports you in your inquiry and quotation process in a completely digitalized way. With the help of artificial intelligence, the solution recognizes the requests received by e-mail according to request type and screens the texts for content relevant to you. The RFQs are digitally read into the RFQ platform for processing, to generate quotes and send them to your customers.

The ORBIS ConstructionRFQ platform enables your RFQ and quotation process to be seamless, more efficient and faster. This significantly reduces your turnaround time, allowing you to profitably use your valuable resources for quotation processing and sending.

Webinar content

  • Brief introduction of ORBIS SE
  • The platform with Microsoft Dynamics as a basis
  • Overview and presentation ORBIS ConstructionRFQ
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