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Knowledge Management in Service with ORBIS Smart Knowledge Cloud and Empolis Service Express

Products Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service
ORBIS Solutions: ORBIS ServiceONE
Sectors: Manufacturing industry, Construction supplier industry, Steel / Steel Service Center / Metal industry, Electro and electronic industry, Machinery and plant manufacturing, Consumer goods / retail, Automotive supplier industry
Processes: Service & Support, Data Management

Learn in the webcast how you can counteract the demographic change and centralise your service knowledge in the company with the ORBIS Smart Knowledge Cloud and Empolis Service Express.

Duration of webcast: ca. 45 minutes

Products are becoming more and more complex and since the beginning of 2020, according to statistics, 2,500 employees are going into well-deserved retirement every day - keyword "demographic change".

As a result, companies are losing more and more relevant knowledge. To preserve this, they need a solution that structures and bundles the existing knowledge in a central place across all data sources, documents and media.
With Empolis Service Express as an expert system, you structure the know-how of your entire service organisation on a central knowledge model and solve problems with the help of automatable dialogues.
With the help of the ORBIS Smart Knowledge Cloud, you can integrate this knowledge into your customer service and field service applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and thereby sustainably increase your service quality.

Not only integrate your employees, but also make the knowledge available to your partners and customers. In this way, service cases that occur can be analysed or even solved in advance. This reduces telephone enquiries and lowers your service costs.  

Webcast content:

  • Structuring and bundling knowledge in the company
  • With guided troubleshooting step by step to the right solution
  • Customers, partners, employees and technicians access knowledge in real time and new service knowledge can be captured quickly and easily
  • Trust through service = strengthening the purchase decision


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