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How about harmonized analytics governance?

Products SAP: SAP Business Analytics
Sectors: Non sector-specific, Manufacturing industry, Construction supplier industry, Steel / Steel Service Center / Metal industry, Electro and electronic industry, Machinery and plant manufacturing, Consumer goods / retail, Automotive supplier industry
Processes: IT, Data Management, Finance & Controlling, Analytics

Duration of webinar: approx. 45 minutes

Join us as we dive into the world of analytics governance and learn how it paves the way for data-driven decisions in your organization.

In this webinar, we will explore the following key topics:

1. Importance of governance in the context of data analytics:

Find out why governance is a key factor for the success of data analytics and how it serves as the basis for efficient and secure data management.

2. Problems in analytics governance:

 Work with our experts to analyze the challenges that can arise when managing data analytics, from data quality and metadata management to the integration of NON-SAP systems.

3. Strategic goals of analytics governance:

Find out what strategic goals can be achieved through harmonized governance, including improving data quality, an overarching authorization concept and promoting data-driven decisions.

4. Process model and workshop focus points:

We will introduce you to our tried-and-tested process model for analytics governance and provide insights into the key focus points of our workshops. Discover how you can effectively implement governance in your company.


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