Packaged solutions for a quick entry to SAP CX
#ExperienceMore: Your quick entry to SAP CX
Start your SAP CX project quickly, flexibly and affordably

Our starter packages for your entry to SAP Customer Experience

We have created tailor-made packaged solutions, our starter packages, that you can use to easily and quickly start your Customer Experience project in the fields of Sales, Service and Field Service. The advantage: Risk minimization, short implementation time and fixed costs. This allows us to create a quick usable basis that you can use productively straight away.

Our packages can be fully integrated into SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP and provide all of the processes you need, from the front office to the back office – all at a fixed price.

The benefits at a glance

Lean entry into SAP CX

Lean entry into the SAP CX world

Quick implementation of CRM processes

Quick go-live of anticipated processes

Modular design of solution

Modular design – Freely configurable functional scope


Can be flexibly expanded and combined to create a holistic solution

Integration in SAP ERP

Can be fully integrated in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP

Set project budget

Set calculable project budget for resilient

Set project term

Clearly defined project term of 6-12 weeks

20 years CRM experience

Based on 20 years of ORBIS CRM experience

An overview of the starter packages

Our packages #ExperienceSales, #ExperienceService and #ExperienceFieldService are modular in design. In the base package, we offer you the customer and contact management as well as the package-specific content of Activity Management (Sales), Service Ticketing (Service) and Resource Planning & Mobile Service (Field Service).

Combine our base package with the features that improve your individual processes. The modular features give you the desired level of flexibility. And that’s not all: To utilize the full power of SAP CX, we rely on the combination of our three starter packages, which you can compile into a complete package tailored to you.

SAP-qualified partner package solutions from ORBIS

What your quick guide to SAP CX can look like

#ExperienceSales: Take your sales process to a new level

  • Create a more efficient organization and productive processing “together” in the team
  • Visits can be planned in a structured manner and easily evaluated and recorded
  • Use optimized route planning
  • Discover sales and market potential at an earlier stage; work out the details of this together constructively
  • Create a transparent sales pipeline: an eye is kept on potential and current requirements and they are coordinated and tracked across the team

#ExperienceService: Easier Getting started with efficient ticketing

  • Service inquiries: System-supported prioritization and colorful highlighting of important inquiries
  • Avoid frictional losses, create transparency and promote collaboration in Customer Service
  • Provide quick solutions, reduce the downtime for your customers and avoid escalations
  • Easily evaluate service cases, creating more effectiveness in Customer Service

#ExperienceFieldService: Digital service deployment planning and mobile implementation

  • Keep an overview of your service technician with all data and quickly assign service deployments
  • Find the right technician – the system provides you with semi-automatic or fully automatic assistance here
  • Optimize utilization of the service technicians • Give service technicians the right tools for quick on-site processing
  • Mobile recording of travel and work times of your service technicians per service deployment (online and offline)
  • A mobile summary of the service deployment can be created and signed directly by the customer. The service report is provided to the customer directly afterwards via email

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SAP CX Customer Relation Management

We think in a networked and holistic manner. In this way, we bundle the competences of your divisions, creating new synergies, for example between marketing, sales and customer service. And behind the scenes we ensure that all relevant SAP CX Suite applications interact just as seamlessly and productively.

Customer success stories with ORBIS
Here are a few success stories
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Eric Grünemeier, Junior SAP CX Account Executive, ORBIS SE

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