Digitalization Boot Camp

Location: Online and at the ORBIS Switzerland Innovation Cube
Products Microsoft: Power Apps, Power BI
Sectors: Non sector-specific
Processes: Project Management, Change Management, IT, Quality Management, Intralogistics, Warehouse control, Manufacturing, Service & Support, Sales, Marketing, Data Management, Human Resources Management, Finance & Controlling, Analytics

Duration of workshop: approx. 60 minutes

The facts are clear - digitalization is vital for the survival of any company today. It is equally clear that successful digitalization is only possible with the necessary know-how:

Are there also many tasks in your company that could be automated, more efficient, and safer with digital means, e.g. an app and the smartphone, tablet, or desktop?

If not, our Digitalization Boot Camp is not only ideal for expanding your own know-how, but it is also fun to experience for yourself how easily and quickly repetitive tasks can be simplified and errors avoided.

Take the first step toward successful digitalization

In our webinar, after a short introduction, you will learn about the Microsoft Power Platform as well as Robotic Process Automation using customer examples. Above all, however, you will get down to business hands on: in just under an hour, you will experience how easily and quickly digitalization tasks can be taken from idea to practical application, how employees can be effectively relieved of routine tasks, and how benefits can be created for your organization.

You will also learn:

  • What the Microsoft Power Platform and Robotic Process Automation are and what opportunities these innovative technologies offer for digitalization.
  • What other customers have already digitalized using the Power Platform and Robotic Process Automation, and the benefits they are achieving
  • How, following the workshop, you can create an app or automate a process, for example, in the context of targeted in-depth sessions and thus work out the enormous potential of the Microsoft Power Platform and Robotic Process Automation hands on - naturally under the guidance of our experienced specialists.

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