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SAP Business Technology Platform
The single cloud platform for more flexibility and innovation

Increase innovation and individuality in your company with SAP Business Technology Platform

Are you a medium-sized company and need to respond more quickly to changes in the market? Are you looking for cost-effective cloud technologies on a single platform and want to promote individuality and innovation and create USPs to stand out from the crowd? Then, SAP Business Technology Platform is right for you!

Highly-complex IT landscapes, varying applications and different sources of data as well as company-wide integration of IT systems present companies with significant challenges these days. The increasing speed of digital innovation requires flexibility and suitable technology platforms. This is the only way companies can deal with dynamic market conditions and achieve sustainable growth. In this context, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is gaining increasing importance.

Thanks to the single platform, you can connect your different business divisions to one another seamlessly and flexibly tailor your solutions to your individual requirements. SAP BTP offers ready-made templates and allows applications to be developed using no-code and low-code tools. This speeds up not only the implementation of new processes, but also significantly reduces the time-to-value.

Moreover, the Business Technology Platform supports the development of pro-code solutions in the state-of-the-art technologies that are known and familiar to you. The regular new features and microservices (including in the areas of AI, security, automation, mobility, etc.,) means that you benefit from SAP’s innovation and the entire SAP ecosystem. Utilize the potential of SAP BTP and successfully implement the digital transformation in your company.

What is the Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a technology platform in a single environment, where companies can flexibly choose the services they require. The Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers an application development environment, integration tools, data and analyses, automation and everything you need to benefit from the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The BTP is optimized for SAP applications in the cloud and continues to provide connectivity with other apps and sources of data. It is compatible both for purely cloud-based IT landscapes and also with on-premise landscapes (hybrid approach).

The aim of SAP BTP (formerly SAP Cloud Platform) is to give companies a range of tools, applications and extension options to drive forward innovation and automation in their company and to promote agility. The SAP Business Technology Platform supports companies with a comprehensive service offering - all on one platform - on their individual journey of digital transformation in the best possible way.

Your benefits with the SAP Business Technology Platform

  • Single platform with a variety of services
  • Modern user interface and easy usability
  • Accelerate innovation and increase agility and flexibility in your company with low-code/no-code applications
  • Extend existing SAP applications (SAP ERP, SuccessFactors, etc.) and integrate third-party systems
  • Access to real-time data across the entire company
  • Modern technology with proven best practices
  • Access to pre-configured data models, integrations and workflows, tailored to your industry and your business area
  • Available with the large hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud)
  • Security and compliance in the cloud
  • Cost reduction (hardware and operating costs) as well as freeing up the internal IT department
  • Availability of different business models (pay-as-you-go, cloud credits, subscription model)

SAP BTP – the single cloud platform for integration, extension, automation & analytics


Connect and automate processes company-wide!

Integration SAP BTP

BTP provides a central and comprehensive integration platform to integrate processes seamlessly. The Integration Suite of the SAP Business Technology Platform is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that supports your company with seamlessly connecting applications, data and processes. The integration of cloud solutions and on-premise applications is thereby possible both with SAP and third-party landscapes (non-SAP systems). To ensure smooth communication between different systems, the SAP Integration Suite provides a wide range of connectors, adapters and APIs. This allows you to retain your existing applications and integrate new technologies. Benefit from innovation and implementation in a cloud network of your choice. Optimize your business processes, increase your efficiency and achieve better results for your business with the Integration Suite of SAP BTP.


Speed up app creation!

App-Development SAP BTP

The importance of application development has increased significantly with the acceleration of the digital transformation at many companies. The area of App Development is an important building block within the Business Technology Platform. On the basis of SAP BTP, we develop apps that are precisely tailored to your cases of application. This expands your existing SAP system landscape without creating island solutions. BTP provides both low-code and pro-code tools in an intuitive single development environment and is therefore ideal for developers of all qualification levels. While there is a modern environment for code-based development of side-by-side extensions available to professional developers in the Business Application Studio, the integrated no-code tool SAP Build Apps allows extensions of applications to be created using visual programming and drag and drop functionality, which saves development time and accelerates innovation.


Automate business processes simply and quickly!

Automation SAP BTP

With the SAP Business Technology Platform, you benefit from workflow automation - without any programming effort. SAP Build Process Automation gives you a low-code/no-code tool with numerous functions available to automate, expand and therefore make informed decisions. Pre-configured workflows and RPA bots (robotic process automation) provide you with full company automation. Routine tasks, such as e.g. invoice processing (automated document processing) can be refined, optimized and fully automated with RPA. AI functions allow data to be extracted from documents with minimal effort and loaded into forms.

Data and Analytics

Understand and use data more efficiently!

Data & Analytics SAP BTP

With the BTP, you can compile and specifically evaluate data stored at different locations to get a better overview and a better understanding. Based on this, you can make more informed decisions and proactively plan (strategically, financially and operatively) to achieve better business results.
The BTP Data & Analytics Services include the storage, cataloging, preparation, modeling, shared usage as well as analysis and planning of data and thus enable a holistic understanding and a classification of the existing data volumes in real-time. With the integration options into SAP Analytics Cloud, analyses and planning can be extended to the entire company, e.g. for business intelligence, business planning or predictive analytics. Additionally, you can use ready-made content packages, which simplify the implementation and can be easily integrated into your SAP landscape.

SAP Business Technology Platform – explained simply

Everyone uses buzz words such as cloud, intelligent enterprise and business technology platform these days. But what’s behind them? In an informal discussion group, our ORBIS experts briefly explain what lies behind the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and go into detail in particular regarding how you can make your data from different applications work more efficiently.

The video is only available in German.

We understand your needs and support digital innovation together with SAP BTP

Take your business to the next level with the intelligent technologies of SAP BTP and respond to changes with confidence and agility. In addition to numerous functionalities, you will benefit from maximum flexibility and increased innovation speed at your company. Our SAP advisors are committed to the integrated management of your IT infrastructure – we are your partner for business processes. Working together with our MS colleagues, we have the expertise to advise you across technologies (e.g. linking SAP ERP systems and MS Dynamics via the Integration Suite). As a strong partner, we will advise you about everything related to the Business Technology Platform and find the solution that suits you.

Do SAP BTP and some of its services suit your company? Then speak to us - we’re looking forward to accelerating your business with innovative technologies, working together with you!

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