RISE with SAP: the smart answer to today’s fast-paced world
We offer the complete package for digital transformation – RISE with SAP and SAP S/4HANA Cloud

What does RISE with SAP offer?

The RISE model is SAP’s innovation to help businesses accelerate their digitalization without compromise and with minimal risk. “It's not just another update,” according to SAP CEO Christian Klein. “It’s a new kind of partnership.” A collaborative approach towards an intelligent cloud enterprise business.  RISE stands for “Realize Impact, Sustainably, and Enhance”, in other words, the digital bundle is geared towards achieving impact, promoting sustainability, and driving improvements.

Billed as “business transformation as a service”, RISE bundles various SAP applications into one comprehensive package. At its heart are the ERP suite SAP HANA and S/4HANA Cloud. The pay-off: your business is able to access new technologies much faster and consequently drive innovation. The advantages offered are becoming more and more appealing to the German-speaking world of SAP users.

RISE with SAP advantages at a glance

Simple model

Simple model

The package simplifies IT infrastructure by combining various solutions with just one service level agreement (SLA) and SAP as the central point of contact

S/4HANA Cloud technology

Innovative S/4HANA Cloud technology

The latest technology in a smart ERP system with full flexibility – the boost you need for business processes in your intelligent enterprise

Improved cost control and lower overall costs

Improved cost control and lower overall costs

Work more efficiently and productively thanks to best practices. The result: approx. 20 % lower total cost of ownership and 87 % lower primary costs

Reliable compliance

Reliable compliance

Extra digital security – identify external risks more effectively and minimize the impact on your business processes

ORBIS Checkliste: RISE with SAP vs. GROW with SAP

Checkliste RISE vs. GROW

What is behind the RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP offerings? Find out the most importantdifferences in our checklist! We compare the offers in several areas and thus offer you the best decision-making aid when choosing the right cloud ERP system for you!

We find the right way for your digital transformation. 

One system, two options: public cloud vs. private cloud 

RISE with SAP is available in two deployment options. The Private Cloud Edition (PCE) offers a cloud environment that is provided exclusively for use by one specified company. The Public Cloud Edition, on the other hand, can be accessed by multiple customers at the same time.

As flexible as our consulting: The PCE allows you to adapt and individually configure the infrastructure and applications according to your requirements and needs, while the Public Cloud Edition is a standardized cloud environment with best practices.  

The private option also delivers when it comes to security. You can control your own cloud infrastructure in your data center and put security measures in place. As the provider, SAP is responsible for software, support, and technical managed services. Infrastructure management is also included with this cloud model and can also be integrated with other cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure if needed.

SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud icon

More information in the video

RISE with SAP and S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition video


What else does SAP Private Cloud offer your company and your customers? In our video, ORBIS expert Christian Lai gives you an overview of the bundle and explains in detail what the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) means for SAP customers in particular, but also what it entails for new customers.

This video is only available in German.

From theory to practice: 3 steps to a successful S/4HANA transformation with RISE with SAP

Technical migration with RISE is split into three steps. As your partner, ORBIS supports you every step of the way. This ensures a simple and holistic transition to the new software for you as a customer. 

RISE with SAP components at a glance

Step 1: Redesign processes

True to our holistic approach, the starting point is an actual state analysis of your existing processes. A business process intelligence solution allows you to analyze your existing processes and compare them with current standards in your industry. This enables you to identify weaknesses and potentials early on and optimally adapt the latter to current requirements based on recommendations for action. 

Step 2: Technical migration using integrated tools and services

To ensure a seamless transition to your new ERP solution, the SAP Readiness Check analyses your current IT infrastructure and visualizes the results in an interactive dashboard. This includes the clean up of custom code, for example. You therefore make targeted, informed decisions about your transition strategy. The Custom Code Analyzer allows you to identify custom code quickly and clean it up. Analytical tools and automated services provide you, the customer, with optimum support on your cloud journey.

Step 3: Build your intelligent enterprise

Successful and efficient business processes can only be implemented if other solutions from SAP, partners, and third-party providers can be easily and quickly integrated into the existing system landscape. This can be mapped using the Business Technology Platform . There are currently more than 2000 APIs available for connectivity. RISE with SAP provides you with consumption credits, known as CPEA credits, for using the extension platform. This allows you to benefit from Ariba, the world's largest procurement network, which comprises of more than 5 million companies. The information contained there helps you to manage your supply chain live and to react to changing market conditions early on.

ORBIS x RISE with SAP brochure


Find out how you can get the full power out of your SAP system with RISE with SAP and the additional ORBIS services! What does RISE with SAP offer you with the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud and how do you get off to a secure and smooth start in the cloud with ORBIS? Find out more about our ORBIS RISE offering now.

As SAP ERP specialists, we get the most out of your business processes with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Need your S/4HANA transformation to be quick and risk-free? This not only requires expertise in SAP but also in your relevant industry. We have both and specialize in the processes used by mid-size industrial businesses. Our extensive experience, which stems primarily from manufacturing company projects, ensures that you can rely on us: by choosing ORBIS as your partner, your digital future is set for long-term success!

What our SAP S/4HANA consulting service provides:

  • Needs-base sizing of your system infrastructure
  • Scalable landscape design  
  • Risk-compliant availability solution  
  • Modular security solutions  
  • End-to-end recovery concepts  
  • Seamless integration into your specific IT landscape  
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