With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ORBIS Austria: Künz creates a 360-degree view of the customer processes

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ORBIS Austria GmbH in Vienna, a subsidiary of the international software and business consulting company ORBIS AG, has introduced the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to Künz GmbH. This way Künz creates a 360-degree view of the customer-related processes and establishes continuous and efficient processes for sales and services, i.e. from the offer inquiry and project description to the awarding of the contract. This is possible because Künz, an international manufacturer of cranes and equipment for hydropower plants and screen cleaning systems, integrates and manages in a transparent manner information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM about customers, plants, interested parties, representatives, but also about the market development and competition.

For the installation of ORBIS' new CRM solution with industry-specific best practices, which replaces an old CRM system with numerous in-house developments no longer supported by the manufacturer, Künz relied on the process and consulting expertise of ORBIS Austria. Regional proximity and reference installations at other customers were the decisive factor.

For the 360-degree view of customer-related processes, which is of great importance for Künz, the ORBIS experts linked Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the company's ERP software (PSIpenta), in which customer orders and sales documents are managed. Information from ERP, for example order header data, can be automatically transferred to CRM and be linked to the corresponding objects - customer, project, plant. In addition, it is possible to access with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the CRM data records the documents in the document management system (DMS) of Künz (keytech). In order to do so, the CRM was connected to the DMS via interfaces.

Currently, 60 users can access or record sales data via the Microsoft CRM mobile app on their smartphone or tablet, whilst being on the move. Recently, the Service department has started to process complaints in CRM.


About Künz
Künz GmbH from Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria, is an international manufacturer of innovative and high-quality container cranes, tank house cranes and custom cranes as well as equipment for hydropower plants and screen cleaning plants. Künz is the market leader for container cranes in Europe and North America, and a leading global manufacturer of automatic tank house cranes. The company has decades of experience in crane construction. It offers the customers from all over the world state-of-the-art products in terms of technology and quality and provides all services from a single source: consulting, conception, design, production, assembly, training and maintenance. This guarantees maximum safety and efficiency for the customer. The company Hans Künz GmbH was founded in 1932. It is 100 percent privately owned and employs around 500 employees at four different locations around the world.
Further information on Künz can be found at kuenz.com.

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