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ORBIS AG from Saarbrücken is introducing the CRM industry solution ORBIS ManufacturingONE powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM at DencoHappel GmbH, a manufacturer of air conditioning solutions. With this CRM solution, which is operated in the Microsoft cloud, DencoHappel wants to bring more efficiency, transparency and productivity to its sales and service processes in order to provide its customers with the best possible service and to sustainably increase their satisfaction.

DencoHappel GmbH, a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly solutions for heating, cooling, cleaning, and humidifying and dehumidifying air, wants to consolidate all sales- and service-related information on the modern CRM cloud platform and manage it uniformly there. This will give the company a clear view of the target groups and their wishes, as well as of the construction objects, and thus a solid basis for managing the project business in a more targeted manner and providing engineering knowledge at the right time. In addition, the new CRM solution should help to optimize the quotation process from the creation to the follow-up of a quotation, reduce administrative activities in the internal and external sales departments, and increase the number of customer contacts.

The clear added value of ORBIS ManufacturingONE also lies in the fact that the software can be seamlessly linked to the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX, which DencoHappel already uses. This enables information to be exchanged smoothly, duplicate data entry and redundant data storage are prevented, and routine tasks can be completed more easily and quickly. The ORBIS Microsoft CRM Connector provides the link between CRM and ERP.

When introducing the new CRM cloud solution, DencoHappel relied on the detailed process and industry knowledge and the high level of consulting expertise of the experts at ORBIS AG, especially since the sales director on the customer side had already worked successfully with ORBIS on earlier projects, such as the development of innovative IT tools for sales management.

ORBIS ManufacturingONE is being implemented in three phases: The focus in phase one, which is currently underway and should be completed by the end of August, is on the introduction of opportunity management and quotation management for the field and office sales teams. In phase two, the functions for contact and target customer management will be installed in the field sales force, and finally the CRM modules for marketing and service will be set up. After successful commissioning, the end users in the German sales and service departments will be trained in the use of the new solution step by step; rollout to other companies is planned at a later date.

About DencoHappel GmbH
DencoHappel GmbH (formerly: GEA Air Treatment) develops, produces and sells centralized and decentralized solutions that filter, heat, cool, humidify and dehumidify air in an economical, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The Herne-based company is one of the technology leaders in the field of air, climate and filter technology and process air cooling. DencoHappel's products for air conditioning are used in many areas and industries: in private and public swimming pools, in buildings such as schools, universities or airports, in data centers as well as in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or oil and gas industries. Founded in 1909, the long-established company, which has production facilities in Germany and five other locations worldwide, as well as its own sales companies and distributors in more than 50 countries, generated annual sales of around 300 million euros in 2015 with more than 1,700 employees. Together with shareholder Triton Partners, DencoHappel invests in innovation and growth in all relevant markets and regions.
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