SAP rollout with template: ORBIS launches the FI-CO module at BWF Envirotec in China

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ORBIS Consulting Shanghai, a subsidiary of the international software and business consulting company ORBIS AG, has successfully completed the rollout of the FI-CO module of SAP ERP at BWF Envirotec in China within the specified timeframe. Following an SAP rollout at BWF Envirotec in Turkey, the BWF Envirotec Group, the leading provider of filter media and filter bags for industrial filtration, has taken another step towards consolidating the IT landscape and harmonizing business processes. A key factor in the success of the rollout in China was the template-based implementation method and the consulting and process expertise of ORBIS Consulting Shanghai.

Since BWF Envirotec China, headquartered in Wuxi, has been managing its financial data exclusively in SAP ERP, the efficiency and transparency of financial processes has noticeably improved. The clear view on outstanding claims and especially on unpaid deposits - business with local customers is often based on prepayment - is of great importance to BWF Envirotec in China. The management in China now has all the important information on business development promptly available so that they can steer it even more purposefully. Central controlling in Germany can also access these financial figures, which facilitates and accelerates the preparation of financial statements, and the German management is always informed about the development of the location. The unification of financial reporting, which had become necessary, was greatly facilitated by existing and ready-to-use SAP BW reports.

Even special requirements such as the mapping of the Chinese chart of accounts to the German group account plan, the introduction of profit center accounting or the adaptation of the existing Golden Tax Interface (GTI) for the exchange of financial data with authorities have fully satisfied ORBIS Consulting Shanghai. It was a great advantage that SAP compiled reports on SAP-based ORBIS solutions could be used to create certain mandatory reports in China. Where necessary, for example in the “Inventory Aging Report”, which displays the inventory by age, SAP ERP has been extended by additional ABAP programming.

Based on the positive experiences, BWF Envirotec has entrusted ORBIS Consulting Shanghai with the support of the FI-CO modules and processes in China. The next step is to install missing functions in production planning and control (PP) and to integrate individual processes such as the printing of production papers for web products or the recording of the quality data of finished goods into SAP ERP. In the near future, the introduction of the SAP module for maintenance (SAP PM) is also planned.

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The BWF Envirotec Group from Offingen in Bavaria is the world’s leading supplier of filter media for industrial filtration, product filtration and solid or liquid separation. The BWF Envirotec Group, the largest division of the BWF Group in Offingen (260 million euro turnover, 1,700 employees) has a global presence and operates production sites in Germany, China, USA, Russia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, India and Austria. Customer proximity is additionally guaranteed by 50 worldwide partners. From the sheeting made of synthetic needle felt to filter bags and filter elements to comprehensive services and an R&D competence center, BWF Envirotec covers the entire product portfolio of industrial filtration worldwide as the market leader.
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