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Touch meets Tech – Sales Marketing Transformation for a successful Lead Management

Location: Online
Products SAP: SAP CX
Sectors: Manufacturing industry, Construction supplier industry, Steel, steel service center, metal industry, Electro and electronic industry, Machinery and plant manufacturing, Automotive supplier industry
Processes: Sales, Marketing

Duration of event: approx. 190 minutes

The online event for everyone who wants to make marketing and sales lastingly successful!

Marketing and sales often don't work together, and that costs money. Why?

Targeting prospects individually requires an accurate understanding of leads' interests, needs, and challenges, as well as IT support to develop them to sales maturity. In short, it takes both empathy and technology to turn prospects into qualified leads and finally into buyers.

Under the motto "Touch meets Tech", we understand exactly that - recognizing needs, understanding them and covering them with the right IT solutions.

This is where the Sales Marketing Transformation comes into play: In order to really understand your target group and to be able to comprehend the customer journey, close cooperation between marketing and sales is essential. The basis for this is the SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud as a joint CRM system, which enables a holistic view of the prospects and transparently maps all activities. This is the only way to ensure successful lead management.

We will show you how to apply this principle to your leads at our online event on February 22, 2022.

We are pleased that trio-group communication & marketing GmbH will support us with valuable tips for marketing and sales practice as well as strategy, while our ORBIS experts will demonstrate how to put theory into practice using CRM solutions from SAP.

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4 good reasons to join us on February 22nd

Free participation in the online event on 22.02.2022

Free participation and digital access to the online event

Bundled competence in sales and marketing at the online event on 22.02.2022

Sales and marketing competence thanks to the Know-how from the trio-group and our ORBIS experts

Theory and practice in each lecture block at the online event on 22.02.2022

Theory and practice: Each presentation block is introduced by a strategic part and then used directly on a concrete example in the SAP solution.

Participation and interaction possibilities at the online event at the online event on 22.02.2022

Shape the event by sending us your topic wishes and questions in advance! Of course, there will also be opportunities for interaction during the event.

All topics at a glance

  • Empathic marketing and data-driven sales - Challenge accepted?
  • Getting started - Winning leads with the right strategy mix of touch and tech!
  • Tracking, Nurturing, Automation etc. - Managing leads successfully! / How to deal with leads
  • From Lead to Deal - Generating Sales from Leads

The detailed agenda follows shortly.

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