Overview of our individual workshops on SAP Business Analytics
SAP Business Analytics workshops
Potential and practical tips for successful controlling in your company

Our workshops on SAP Business Analytics

Online or on your premises – we offer workshops flexibly in line with your requirements

A well-organized reporting system with a structured process in the background is considered a seal of quality for promising controlling. But the infrastructure isn’t the only thing that’s important; the technical requirements play a major role too.

With its portfolio of Business Analytics solutions, SAP offers a unique and highly versatile range of products and services to optimize your reporting activities. Using these market-leading solutions, we’d like to tailor your reporting operations and reports so that they best meet the challenges and specific requirements in your company.

Often, a theoretical evaluation of the various possibilities is not sufficient here. Jointly developing a selection of suitable solutions for your company is much more effective and sustainable.

In our attractively priced workshops, we work together with you to determine your specific needs, develop individual options and opportunities for your company, and give you handy hints on the various Business Analytics components.

Our workshops at a glance

Workshop SAP BW/4HANA Readiness Check

BW/4HANA Readiness Check

Together with you, we analyze the current state of your system to be migrated, create a system assessment, and identify potential for optimization. Afterwards, we create a rough cost estimate and a suitable migration path.

Contents of the workshop BW/4HANA Readiness Check:

  • Presentation of the new possibilities with BW/4HANA
  • Presentation of migration options (upgrade, greenfield or brownfield)
  • Initial system analysis, including your reporting and planning areas, the front ends you are using and the data sources you have connected

Target group:
IT, project managers

Up to 8 hours, on your premises or online

BW/4HANA training

Get detailed hands-on insights into BW/4HANA and useful expert tips – get yourself and your team ready for the next generation of the data warehouse.

Contents of the workshop BW/4HANA training:

  • Modeling concepts and best practices in BW/4HANA
  • Working with Eclipse as a modeling tool
  • Creating physical and virtual data providers and data flows
  • Using HANA functions and views in the areas of data modeling
  • Transformations and ABAB programs
  • Connecting source systems and real-time replication

Target group:
IT, key users

2 days on your premises or online

Workshop SAP BW/4HANA Training
Build data management solutions in the SAP Datasphere together with us

SAP Datasphere

This workshop combines theory with practice. First, in our training slot, we clearly teach you the theoretical aspects surrounding the SAP Datasphere. You will then work with us to build your first data management and analytics solution in the SAP Datasphere.

Contents of the workshop SAP Datasphere: 

  • Presenting the theoretical basics, interrelationships, and functional principles of SAP Datasphere – incl. reporting in the form of “stories”
  • Identifying your necessary data sources (based on your reporting requirements)
  • Conceptually designing and implementing potential data models
  • Visualizing your data in appropriate reports 

Target group:
IT, employees of specialist departments 

1 – 2 days training (depending on previous knowledge, such as SAC) on your premises, or online workshop

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Discover the look and feel of the SAP Analytics Cloud! In our two workshops on SAC reporting and SAC planning, you can find out for yourself the features and advantages of the cloud application and create your individual data model together with us.

Contents of the workshop SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Setting up a story or data model
  • Clarifying technical issues
  • Clarifying content-related issues for reporting or planning
  • Conceptually preparing for the customer’s concrete questions / specifics

Target group:
IT, key users

1 day on your premises, or online workshop

Workshops SAP Analytics Cloud
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