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On the Way to smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing with ORBIS MPS: "Real-time" integration into the SAP process world

Smart manufacturing with ORBIS MPS: Real-time integration into the SAP process world

Buzzwords such as Smart manufacturing”, “Internet of Things” and “Smart Factory”, describe the increased use and networking of digital communication components in manufacturing, logistics and service.  Digital infrastructures are the basic requirements for the aspired digital transformation in companies. Smart services and smart products, which communicate with each other in real-time, create brand new business models and should contribute to global competitiveness.

Smart manufacturing at ORBIS

ORBIS develops its own solutions in the smart manufacturing environment for intra-logistics, production and service. These solutions are integrated in real-time into SAP ERP processes. In the ORBIS Smart Factory near Qbing, concrete integration scenarios are shown for SAP ERP, taking into account processes such as goods receiving, internal transports, production-related picking, assembly and quality control, automated parts transport, robot assisted palletizing as well as service processes in the machine park.

Smart manufacturing: networked, continuous processes with ORBIS MPS in "real-time"


Manufacturing execution systems (MES systems) are the core of IT-supported, networked manufacturing. Due to their data capturing in real-time, they are particularly suited as a basis for smart manufacturing scenarios in manufacturing. With ORBIS MES, ORBIS offers its own solution which is fully integrated into SAP ERP. The MES system makes real-time information available in a “ready-made solution” for manufacturing, management, staff, maintenance and quality management. To allow for production monitoring at any time and from anywhere, the data analyses can be visualized on all end devices - mobile or stationary. With the help of ORBIS MES, intelligent maintenance in a Smart Factory can assist in avoiding e.g. costs for unplanned machine standstills.

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite

In cooperation with the Qbing research group of the Saarland University of Applied Sciences (htw saar), ORBIS is working on the integration of smart manufacturing scenarios. One result of this cooperation is the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite (ORBIS MPS). ORBIS MPS is a real-time enabler for smart manufacturing processes in the SAP process world. The software allows for the real-time integration of the value chain in SAP ERP processes and the visualization on all end devices.

ORBIS MES uses components from ORBIS MPS to integrate machines, sensors and device data or to visualize processes. The tool is also used in the ORBIS LES World and in the Service Service field.  

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