Smart Manufacturing

On the way to industry 4.0

Buzzwords such as “Industry 4.0,” the “Internet of Things,” and “Smart Factory” refer to the increasing use of digital communication components and how they are interlinked in manufacturing and logistics. Intelligent objects are given the ability to communicate and interact with other participants. In factories of the future, for example, products and machines will know when they need a particular replacement part and will automatically initiate corresponding actions. With autonomous objects, mobile communication, and realtime sensors, production will become decentralized and processes will be configured ad hoc. As a result, cost-effective production of a large number of variants in low batch sizes will be possible in the future. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) already provide greater efficiency and transparency in production. With ORBIS MES, ORBIS has its own MES solution that is fully integrated into SAP ERP and delivers information on manufacture, business management, personnel, maintenance, and quality management in real time. The production processes can be visualized on all mobile and stationary terminals.

ORBIS is working on the integration of Industry 4.0 scenarios in collaboration with the Qbing research group from the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschafts des Saarlandes University of Applied Sciences (HTW Saar). One outcome of this collaboration is the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite (MPS). This tool, which can be described as an Industry 4.0-enabler, makes it possible for intelligent systems, plants, and machines to be integrated horizontally. As a result, all the required data from the shop-floor level can be integrated into the ERP system and then displayed in a user-specific visualization by ORBIS MPS. The information is displayed in near real time, on all standard output devices and on mobile terminals. Specific applications and scenarios can be viewed in the Qbing lab, which is made up of industry-compatible components. The experimental lab displays specific integration scenarios for SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Prospective customers are welcome to arrange a visit to see our own “Smart Factory,” the Qbing lab.

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite at work at Qbing
Prof. Dr. Steffen Hütter from HTW des Saarlandes at the Qbing laboratory

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